Ordering and Terms

How to Order:
Call or e-mail us with the species you need and the quantities of each. We will let you know of availability and estimated schedule. Most species are available in band pots, and will be ready in 6-9 months. Some species can take up to a year, depending on species and season.
We will send you an invoice or give you a price quote over the phone (your choice).
For orders, a 50% deposit is required to initiate propagation.
You can make an appointment to pick up your trees from us, or we can ship your trees to you.
Reasonable Prices
Our goal is to give you the best value and highest quality for your money. Our price structure reflects costs, and enables us to keep prices down wherever we can. We also offer substantial quantity discounts. Consulting and other services are offered separately to help you save money on trees. We don’t think you’ll find a better value anywhere.

Prompt Service from People Who Care
\We grow year-round, and can begin propagating your trees as soon as we receive your deposit. We monitor the development of your plants throughout their growth and update you about their progress, so you can plan your schedule and know exactly what’s happening.  You get the trees when they are ready.  The don’t sit in the nursery for years waiting for a buyer.  We grow them for you.

Tube: Tube containers are 5 to 8.25″ deep and 1.5″ in diameter.
Band: Band containers are 5″ deep and 2.5″ square.
TreePots: TreePot containers are 9.5″ deep and 3.75″ in diameter (3/4 gallon). Available on request.
We have learned which containers each species grows well in.  We plant them in a container that best suits it’s needs in terms of root growth and vigor.

Container Deposits
We usually ship seedlings bare-root, which saves a lot on shipping costs.  If you request in advance of propagation, tube or band-grown seedlings will be delivered in the growing container. A deposit of 20¢ per container is charged, fully refundable for containers returned in good condition within 30 days.

For orders requiring carton packing, a $7.00 handling fee is charged per box. Off-island shipments require an APHIS inspection, which we will carry out at a charge of $25 per shipment.
Shipping is by US mail and Federal Express. Shipping is billed at cost.  If you have a shipping company and account we will ship via your preference.

We guarantee to the extent of the purchase price that the plants we sell are true to description and in healthy condition upon dispatch from our nursery.

Terms and Conditions
(Please read carefully before placing an order. AN ORDER PLACED WITH US CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS)

All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars. Prices fluctuate due to seed availability and other factors. Please contact us for a firm price quote before ordering.

Conditions of sale:
Please inquire about minimum orders.
Shipping and handling: for Hawaii, interisland shipments are sent via Fed Ex. -$7 box fee, $25 Dept. of Agriculture inspection fee, plus shipper’s charges.

For Mainland orders, Please inquire about minimum orders. Shipping and handling: for Mainland orders, shipments are sent via Federal Express. -$7 box fee, $25 Dept. of Agriculture inspection fee, plus shipper’s charges.
International shipments: we relinquish responsibility upon dispatch. Buyer assumes responsibility for the plants once they leave our nursery. We are not liable in the event a shipment is delayed or destroyed by plant inspection or other government offices.

Cancellations: Once an order is placed, deposits are nonrefundable and full amount is due except in the event of contingencies listed below.

Contingencies: We reserve the right to prorate or cancel any order because of: natural disaster (storms, hurricanes, high winds, drought, fire), disease, spoilage, etc.

This price list is current and cancels previous price lists.

Payment and Pick-ups
Payment is made by check, money order or cash. Plants will be dispatched after full payment is received. Plants must be shipped out or picked up within 30 days of when buyer is notified of their readiness to avoid additional storage charges. 24 hours notice is required for pick-up appointments. Overdue accounts will be charged interest at the rate of 1.5% per month or an annual rate of 18% or the maximum allowable legal rate.

Pick-ups, Late Pick-ups, and Forfeiture
Twenty-four (24) hours notice is required for pick-up appointments. Buyer agrees to pick up plant materials within 30 days of notification of readiness. Plant materials not picked up within 30 days are subject to a storage fee of one cent per plant per day, or a minimum of $10 per day, whichever is greater. If plant materials are not picked up and full payment for plants, storage fees, and tube deposits received within 45 days of original notification of plant readiness, buyer forfeits deposit and plant materials to Future Forests.

Receiving & Acceptance
Any problems with the quality or quantity of stock received should be brought to our attention immediately. Claims for any cause must be made in writing within 3 days of receipt. If buyer does not give such notice, buyer agrees to have irrevocably and unconditionally accepted the goods. Claims for losses while goods are in transit must be filed directly with the carrier. In all cases, Future Forests liability is limited to the purchase price of the stock.

Conditions of Sale
Prices are in US dollars, are based on present market conditions, and are subject to change without notice. Small quantity orders subject to availability. No refunds on deposits. All purchases final. Buyer assumes ownership and responsibility for goods at the time of shipment.

As we have no control over what happens to the plants during shipment or thereafter, we cannot be responsible once we dispatch them. It is recommended to insure shipments and inspect plants immediately upon arrival. Because growth conditions and management are beyond our control we can give no further warranty expressed or implied as to the productiveness of any plant or resultant crop, or their fitness for any particular site or purpose. In no event shall Future Forests be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages. An order placed with us constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Plant sizes
All sizes listed in catalog are approximate. Since we are not a producer of a manufactured product, we are unable to make any adjustments for size discrepancies.

A Note on Weediness
If choosing from our selection of nitrogen fixing trees, please keep the following in mind: many nitrogen fixing species are well adapted to harsh conditions, grow vigorously and can seed prolifically. Selection of less weedy species can reduce the risk of spreading. Responsible management for the life of the project can also forestall weediness. Also, consider using pioneers already present in your area before introducing new species.