Quality Counts

Quality Trees
Better chance of survival in the field after planting
Superior initial growth
Faster, higher return for the desired yields, whether its for reforestation, timber, fodder, soil improvement, windbreak, etc.

You Get the Best with Us

Superior Genetic Makeup
We constantly seek out the best available seed selections. Whenever possible we grow from select parent stock for increased performance in the field and for the preservation of genetic resources.

Healthier Plants
Plants with more vigor are better able to compete with weeds and withstand insect attack, saving maintenance costs. We inoculate our seedlings with mycohhrizae and other beneficial soil microbes so our seedlings get a strong start.  We manage our seedlings for optimum health, and refuse to push our plants artificially. This may take a little longer, but in the long run it pays off for you.*

Carefully Managed Nursery Conditions
We are certified with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and take pride in maintaining hygiene in the nursery.  We take great care in our nursery management to assure your plants will have excellent form, health and vigor. For example, seedlings are grown in root-training containers for a superior root system. We grow to order so you get your seedlings at the optimum stage in their development for planting. We hand-select each seedling and inspect it for sturdiness, good form, health and vigor before letting it go. And much more. We won’t sell you anything we wouldn’t be pleased to plant ourselves.

Wide Selection
We offer a wide variety of plants that we believe have great promise for contributing to Hawaii’s forest and tree-based resources. Should the range of species in our catalog not fulfill your needs, please contact us. Chances are we can grow what you want for you.

Prompt Service from People Who Care
We grow year-round, and can begin propagating your trees as soon as we receive your deposit. We monitor the development of your plants throughout their growth and update you about their progress, so you can plan your schedule and know exactly what’s happening.