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  • Testimonial

    Jill has helped me complete my experiment of growing Cocobolo
    and Honduran Mahogany in Puna. The seedlings I received were
    of top quality and full of life. Of the 51 I received I did not lose one.
    That was 2013. Those little seedlings since then have prospered
    and some are approaching 25 feet in our challenging environment.
    With only 9 inches at most of 800 year old mulch on Pahoahohe lava.
    They have found their way to establish a firm foothold in the native
    Ohia forest. Thank you Jill for providing the trees for a 62 year old
    enthusiasts adventure.

    - Paul Armstrong

  • Testimonial

    Future Forests has been our key advisor, mentor and nursery during restoration of a 7.5 acre Hawaiian dry forest in South Kona. Shortly after purchasing our land, Future Forests inventoried our forest, labeled the Hawaiian trees, and recommended future management practices. We subsequently learned about Hawaiian trees in an ethnobotany course taught by Jill Wagner. The course taught us to identify endemic trees, taught us which trees were sacred and/or important in Hawaiian culture, and enabled us to network with many people interested in Hawaiian dry forests. Now that we are implementing our restoration plan, Future Forests is growing the seedlings that are being replanted where invasive trees are being removed. We are very pleased with the results of our association with Future Forests and we plan to use them as our key technical advisor and nursery in the future. Thank you Future Forests for your assistance in the restoration of our beautiful Hawaiian dry forest.

    - Victoria and John Helgeson, South Kona

  • Testimonial

    One of the best investments I have ever made is the planting of trees over the last 30 years. Many of the seedlings I purchased were grown by Future forests Nursery. Thank-you Jill, and Future Forests Nursery for producing a high quality source of native and exotic tree seedlings here in Hawaii.

    - Mark Kimball

  • My husband and I have a farm in North Kohala and have been developing it over the past 5 years. We have on multiple occasions bought a variety of trees suitable for our elevation from Jill at Future Forests Nursery. She is very knowledgeable about plants/trees and helped us pick out a nice selection. Our trees have done remarkably well considering they are basically on their own most of the time without any irrigation. Jill likes to hear feedback on how the trees are doing and is available to answer any questions. We highly recommend Jill Wagner and Future Forests Nursery for your hardwood and native tree needs.

    - Janice Frecker

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We offer a wide selection of tropical hardwood trees, tropical trees, Hawaiian trees, agroforestry crops, high value hardwoods, short rotation tree crops, virtually all trees for tropical reforestation.
We are a contract grown nursery. It takes 6 months to one year from seed to field ready, depending on species and season. Plan your project and we will grow your trees!



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